Our Story

As the most people who have a hobby, we also started in our garage. Omicron was initially a one man project created back in 2007 and focusing solely on decorations made using String-art technique.

Creating world class and high quality decorations ensured that Omicron distinguished itself from similar projects since the very beginning.

During the years that followed Omicron brought String-art technique to a level that was not seen before anywhere in the world. Working on 30 events each year brought these decorations to thousands of people across the world.

After years of continuous growth and development a one-man project Omicron transformed into a group of several independent artists cooperating together. Besides continuous development of world-class decoration concepts by incorporated artists, Omicron Decorations  also serves as a home base and booking agency for several renowned as well as young and emerging artists in order to offer them all kinds of support through experience, knowledge and finances, particularly for the last mentioned.

The major goal is to offer these young talents a place, support and feedback which they couldn’t get elsewhere. Omicron started at the very bottom and we know how difficult it is when you want to achieve something but you are simply unable to do so, due to lack of support or finances. Therefore we try to help young and talented people to achieve their dreams.

If you believe, you’ve got something to show the world, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee that you will receive a response from us!