Every event has its own crowd its own sphere and its own story. Therefore we always try to develop a unique deco concept for each occasion. We never remake concepts which we have created in the past.

The ability to develop unique concepts for each occasion is due to the scale of these decorations. This offers endless number of combinations and also gives us the possibility to adapt to any kind of venue.

When we are about to decorate a party we never prepare anything in advance. No sketches of the structures, no visual presentations, no drawings. When you are trying to illustrate something in advance and trying to pre-design your concept or any kind of your work, you are setting yourself boundaries and limiting your creativity and you don’t even realize it. Therefore every single concept that we create is a result of pure improvisation.  It starts with placing of trivial triangle, but as we continue to add more pieces the concept grows and expands and even four hours later we still don’t know how it will continue and where and how it will end.

When building these concepts we always strive to work in to depth and create different layers inside the structure. It’s not just about putting different pieces together. A concept is a result of careful selection of different shapes, angles in which they are placed and colours in order to create multiple dimensions inside the concept.  The point is that when different people look at the concept, they are all looking at the same structure but everyone will experience something else.

Booking contact: booking@omicrondeco.com

Note: When booking different artists for the same event, we are prepared to offer you special conditions. In other words you will save money when booking different artists together.