Geometrik deko’ are 2 brothers from Zadar, Croatia, Jakov and Dino. In 2012 they started to make modest forest parties with their own small generator, decoration, home composed soundsystem and some friends playing dj.¬† Apparantly¬† people in Zadar were waiting for some psytrance action and the parties became bigger. In the beginning of 2014 they started to organise more legal and bigger parties with the collective ‘Tranzistor’. This is also the time that they started to put extra effort in the decoration and the ‘Geometrik’ project was born. They always have been interested in basic forms, natural fractals and the link to sacred geometry. String art was the best solution to express these subjects but in the future there are possibilities to work in other media also, as long as it contributes to their party decoration concept. So far they already showed some stuff on parties with international dj’s like Dimension 5, Shakta, Filteria, Goasia, M-Run, Zoolog, Artifact 303,… and on international festivals: ‘Balkan Goa Fanatics’ and ‘Lost Theory Festival’.

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